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If you are searching to buy a hotel, resort in Greece then you are in the right place!

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Our team members have specialized in buying and selling hotel real estate in all segments, across all brands as well as independents for more than 20 years.

We have a selection of hotels for sale in all Greece. Our selection has more than 220 of Greek hotels real estate include boutique, beachfront hotels for sale in Greece, seafront hotels for sale in Greece. In case if you want to buy a hotel in centre of Athens, we can propose a lot of variants.

If you cannot find a hotel for sale that suits your needs, simply contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your needs and find a suitable hotel for sale for you.

Sale of hotels in Greece is our specialization!

Short note about hotels properties for sale in our catalogue:

  • The hotels' sale prices do not include attached plots that might be on sale.
  • The mentioned yield and occupancy are indicative and of approximate value.
  • The mentioned tourist season, is the months of operation declared by each hotel owner.

How to buy a hotel in Greece - Purchase of property in Greece - Steps to follow for buying property in Greece

Real estate taxes and fees in Greece - more information you can find here Tax issues in Greece

Hotels Properties For Sale


Often such hotels properties are sold  furnished and ready for new guests. From the smallest mountain chalet, popular with skiers and hikers, to the large hotel resort set amid its own estate, there is a hotel property or hotel for sale to suit every taste and budget.

A letting property or hotel for sale can offer a guaranteed income for their new life amid the spectacular landscapes, rich culture and relaxation of sunnier climes.

A lot of buyers, however, choose to purchase a hotel for sale smaller scale or a property with easy tourist letting potential.

At the other end of the scale, purchasing a large hotel for sale can be both satisfying and financially rewarding. Often a large hotel for sale will be an established business with a proven income, and will already be fully staffed and with regular guests, whether individuals or via tour operators. As such, this type of hotel for sale can be run as hands-on, or hands-off, as required; as competent managers are often already employed by the previous owners.

Almost all hotels properties have the potential to be rented to holidaymakers either in their entirety, or on a per room basis. Finding tourists that want to stay in the area is not as daunting a task as it first seems, as, especially in the more popular tourist destinations, management companies that arrange everything from finding guests to cleaning and maintaining the property are easy to find.


Types of Hotel For Sale


A hotel for sale can range from the smaller guest houses, with one or more bedrooms to let, to grand urban or rural hotels with a great many bedrooms. The type of hotel for sale that is chosen is largely down to individual preference, as there is often a wide choice throughout Europe and beyond. The smaller B&B style hotel for sale allows the buyer to be more involved with the day to day running of the business, and also to more carefully select the desired type of guest. While it is quite possible to employ staff to run the business side, this type of hotel for sale does not appeal to all buyers due to the unavoidable consequences of taking paying guests into what is often also the home. As the number of guest bedrooms and the size of the hotel for sale increase, often so does the ability to keep the paying guests separate from the living accommodation. This allows buyers of the larger hotel for sale greater flexibility. Buyers who choose to live on-site to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of their chosen area are often delighted by the standard of attached accommodation. This may range from a separate suite of rooms or an apartment, to a nearby property. For those that choose to buy a hotel for sale as a purely financial opportunity, any attached accommodation is often let to an employed manager.

As with any commercial property, the financial turnover is often reflected in the price of the hotel for sale.

A hotel for sale with a good annual turnover and predicted growth is always going to have a higher purchase price than an undeveloped property or one that needs a financial stimulus to turn the business around. However, in some European destinations where tourism is growing, but not yet established, there are still some bargains to be found. When a hotel for sale has an attached business such as a bar or restaurant, which increases the turnover, often provide an income from locals when the hotel is less profitable out of season. With any hotel for sale that specifically caters for holidaymakers, it is important to remember that there are marked seasonal fluctuations in visitor numbers, and out of season any hotel for sale is instantly transformed into a spacious retreat from which to enjoy the milder weather and the natural beauty of the area.

With so many beautiful locations boasting a fabulously sunny climate year round, specific legislation regarding buying a hotel for sale is dependent on the country of choice. Often buying a commercial property or hotel property abroad is no more problematic than buying at home. While advice should always be sought prior to committing to a purchase, with the correct legal support, buying a business abroad can be fairly straightforward in many European countries. With the correct legal advice, this is usually a fairly simple process.

Buying a hotel for sale whether as an investment, a business to run from a distance, or as a means of income while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle in the sun, is always a rewarding experience, and, whatever your needs, large or small, we will be happy to find you the perfect hotel for sale in the country of your choice.


 Accommodation  - hotel property in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Annually it welcomes more than 17 million tourists, a figure that places it in the 15th position on the World Tourism Organisation list of countries with inbound tourism (according to WTO data). Over the past decades Greece has witnessed the development of modern and multiform large or small-scale tourist infrastructures catering to the demands and accommodation requirements of every visitor.

Today Greece's accommodation potential numbers 670,000 beds, distributed over 352,000 rooms in approximately 8,900 hotel units. Īn most of the Greek islands and mainland Greece, visitors can also find accommodation in private houses (rooms to let) which are operating under the special seal of the Greek National Tourism Organisation. Moreover, there are more than 340 campings all over the country, offering 30,000 camping spaces and 2,500 small houses.

Types of accommodation

Most tourist lodging establishments have been recently renovated and upgraded, thus boasting state-of-the-art facilities. These establishments are licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organisation (G.N.T.O.) and fall in the following categories:

  • Hotels (ordinary hotels, traditional guesthouses, agrotourist lodgings, etc.).
  • Rooms to let
  • Apartments to let
  • Self-catering units (tourist residences and villas)
  • Campsites
  • Youth hostels


Hotels, as well as rooms and apartments to let, are subject to a rating system determined by the Greek National Tourist Organisation. In particular, their classification is based on:

  • Class designation (old rating system): Lux, A, B, C, D, E
  • Star ratings (new rating system): 5*****, 4****, 3***, 2**, 1*
  • Key ratings, are usually for small hotels which do not provide the services of the star rating hotels. The rating is: 1 Key, 2 Keys, 3 Keys, 4 Keys

In terms of technical specifications, it should be noted that class L (Deluxe) hotels correspond to 5*****, A to 4****, B to 3***, C to 2**, and D and E to 1*.


For investments effected in Tourist Industry the Investments Incentive Law provides Government Financial Support in many sectors as, indicatively, State Grants from 15% to 50% and under certain conditions up to 60%. The percentage of the State Grant depends on the geographical area the investment is effected. The State contributes an amount which equals to a certain part of the investment/investment plan.

Building Capacity for Tourist Facilities located beyond city limits


The building capacity for tourist facilities (hotels) is specified as follows:

a) The building ratio for plots of up to 50,000 m2 is 0.2

For example: on a plot of 40,000 m2 × 0.2 (building ratio) = Permitted building area of 8,000 m2

b) The building ratio for plots of up to 100,000 m2 is: 0.2 for the first 50,000 m2 and 0.15 for the remaining 50,000 m2

For example: on a plot of 80,000 m2 the permitted building area is 14,500 m2

50,000 m2 plot × 0.2 (building ratio) = Permitted building area 10,000 m2

30,000 ė2 plot × 0.15 (building ratio) = permitted building area 4,500 m2

c) For plots larger than 100,000 m2 the building ratio is the same as in case b for the first 100,000 m2 and for the remaining m2 is 0.10

For example: on a plot of 180,000 m2 the permitted building area is 25,500 m2

50,000 m2 plot × 0.2 (building ratio) = permitted building area 10,000 m2

50,000 m2 plot × 0.15 (building ratio) = permitted building area 7,500 m2

80,000 m2 plot × 0.10 (building ratio) = permitted building area 8,000 m2


The maximum coverage ratio of a plot is 20%

For example: on a plot which is 180,000 m2, the maximum permitted building area for the ground floor is 25,500 m2. That is:

180,000 m2 plot × 20% coverage ratio = 36,000 m2 This would be the maximum permitted building area for the ground floor. But, due to the fact that the maximum permitted building area based on the building ratio is 25,500 m2 (paragraph 1c), the permitted building area for the ground floor can not exceed the limit of 25,500 m2

If the construction company builds less than 25,500 m2 in the ground floor, the rest can be used to build other floors


The maximum permitted building height is 10.50 metres under certain conditions.


The maximum permitted building area is 4,000 m2. One can exceed the maximum permitted building area of 4,000 m2 on the condition that a land concession will be made to the municipality without claiming any compensation, as follows:

a) For building up to 4,000 m2 no land concession must be made.

b) For building from 4,000 m2 to 10,000 m2 the land concession is equal to the built area which exceeds the 4,000 m2 limit.

For example: We wish to build 8,000 m2. The land concession to the municipality will be 4,000 m2

c) For building from 10,000 m2 to 17,500 m2 the land concession for the first 10,000 m2 is the same as in the previous case (paragraph 4b) and for the remaining m2, the land concession is equal to the built area which exceeds the 10,000 m2 limit plus 50%

For example: We wish to build 17,500 m2. The land concession to the municipality will be 17,250 m2

For the first 10,000 ė2 built, the land concession will be 6,000 m2

For the remaining 7,500 m2 built, the land concession will be 11,250 m2

d) For building larger than 17,500 m2, the land concession for the first 17,500 m2 is the same as in the previous case (paragraph 4c) and for the remaining m2, the land concession is equal to the double of the built area which exceeds the limit of 17,500 m2 plus 50%

For example: We wish to build 25,000 m2. The land concession will be 39,750 m2

For the first 17,500 m2 built, the land concession will be 17,250 m2

For the remaining 7,500 m2 built, the land concession will be 22,500 m2

e) The building ratio and the coverage ratio are calculated for the whole plot, prior to the land concession to the municipality. Under no circumstances is the sale of the plot acquired by the municipality permitted.

i) If the owner wishes, he can deposit an amount of money to the municipality instead of making a land concession. By doing this, the owner withholds the particular piece of land.

f) Moreover, the building ratio for special constructions can be raised.

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